‘Surviving’ God?

Roy Masters

Any lie believed and acted out produces a hypnotic state of sin. When you allow others to make you doubt your common sense, the natural loyalty to God emotionally transfers to a confusing and seductive source. From that point, when overwhelmed by emotional stress, doubt overrides reason, and the will of others begins to act out through you.

As if from nowhere, excuses arise, a myriad of little lies you tell yourself. If you can admit this, then you might glimpse a vain attempt to save face. To fall for the excuse is far more dangerous than the deception that led to the deed, as Adam belatedly found out.

The saving excuse is the ego surviving God’s redemption. The lying excuse dooms you to the morbid faith of doubting, that is to say, not wanting to be wrong. Because the truth is painful and not beautiful as it is supposed to be, you make the fatal mistake of becoming emotional, thereby rejecting the humbling inner light.

From the very first recorded excuse, the mechanism of survival has always backfired, magnifying our collective suggestibility to deception. Because the denial game saves you from the redeeming pain, the programming is unstoppable. Therefore, you are compelled to go on sinning and cannot change your faults. Most people cannot, or will not, see they are programmed.

Stubborn, and unable to stand the pain of shame, most people defend their miserable existence through excuses, religiously addicted to hearing lies as though they were truths. Slowly but surely, enlightened reason ceases to be trusted, and conscience becomes the enemy.

“The soul should function as a sentry at the holy temple of your body…”

You could not help but believe the first lie because you were an easily confused child; you may not even remember the moment. However, the second lie you can see; it rises up as the excuse that shields you from the light of truth, against every folly and condemning you to a hopeless life of depression. Strong emotions, such as being upset, sustain the blame game with friendly lying enablers. 

Do not remain disconnected from the Divine Power of faith in that emotionalized stupor. Be still and know that your painful conscience is in fact God’s salvation. Discover how to drop anger, because that is what keeps you emotionally lost in your head and blind to reality.