Perilous World Radio 01/02/24

STRESS-The Killer and The Cure

Alan Masters hosts today's show, which takes a deep dive into the subject of stress—primarily what it is, and how we can combat it. Alan's father, Roy Masters, taught millions how to overcome stress, through publications Alan mentions such as "How to Be at Peace with Your Problems" and "Cure Stress: How Your Mind Will Make You Well."

There are many ways a person can mis-handle stress, such as by ignoring it, running from it, or escaping into pleasure. But sometimes it takes PAIN to get our attention—pain is something we can't ignore! We have an animal nature that produces stress in us. At what point will we stop and seek GOD'S nature?

Reuben, an elderly caller still bothered by an indiscretion in his youth, speaks to Alan about it and finds the key that has long eluded him. "I feel free!" says Reuben. 

Ultimately, meaning and understanding are the antidote to stress, and the "Be Still and Know" meditation—an ancient Judeo-Christian practice re-discovered by Roy Masters—is a powerful means to finding this understanding. Time is running out in our lives. There is no better time than the present to start or reawaken the journey toward "being at peace with your problems."


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