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You can imagine, then, what an easy target I made—especially with my essentially fundamentalist beliefs combined with an unorthodox background. Needless to say, in the current social/political environment, it raises a lot of eyebrows when a minister teaches the story of Adam and Eve as true, and at the heart of Christian understanding, or when he teaches the reality of Satan and his demons. To the atheistic media, that in itself is enough to be identified as cultic, especially when a small church is involved. One final note about cultism. Although on the radio, I sometimes refer to the FHU's "members," the established policy of the Foundation of Human Understanding is that there are no members—people can't officially join. Because of my experience with hypnotism, I know, as you also know, that some people join churches not to get saved, but to feel saved. It is always a difficult task for a minister to challenge members of his congregation on this point, although many do.

Naturally, we want people to be honest in their worship, but we also don't want to alienate them so that they stop coming and are then thrust out into a destructive environment. I don't know that there is any easy answer to this, but I choose not to have conventional membership since mine is primarily a radio counseling ministry, with the Foundation ultimately intended to be a Judeo-Christian think tank, providing books, tapes, and other information useful to those seeking Christ. We do have regular church meetings in Grants Pass, along with other meetings that vary from a Bible studies group, to men's and women's discussion groups.

"I am without sin"
The absurd "I am without sin" quote attributed to me, and repeated endlessly by the media, to the best of my knowledge originally came from US magazine. As you can imagine, trying to describe the process of being "born again" to the average reporter is truly a dangerous prospect, especially if one's reputation will depend on that reporter's understanding of Christian mystery. I was so outraged by the seemingly intentional betrayal in that story that I sued US magazine. My case was so strong that the famous trial lawyer Melvin Belli took it on contingency. US magazine eventually paid me in an out-of-court settlement. But the damage that one article did to the Foundation of Human Understanding has been incalculable, because many Christians have believed it, and some have quoted it to others, who, however well-intentioned, spread this untruth to still others. Of course, only Jesus is without sin. To say otherwise is to deny the whole purpose of His coming into a sinful world in need of redemption. Thus, the Bible states that anyone who says he's without sin is a liar. I believe in the process of being born again, as described in the Gospel of John and in Romans Chapter 6. I believe that when the process is complete, one does not practice sin, but is a "slave of righteousness." If I succeed in being a slave of righteousness, I do so only by Grace, for I could not achieve victory over sin by myself. Christ did it for me, and does it still—every day.

Hating Women?
I am often accused of this, but I don't think this is a problem peculiar to the Foundation of Human Understanding. Many Americans these days tend to accuse conservative Christians of sexism because of our understanding of the God-to-Christ, Christ-to-Man, and Man-to-Woman relationship. For the FHU, what makes matters worse is that, as mentioned, I emphasize the remarkable wisdom of the story of Adam and Eve. In counseling family problems, I feel this is an essential understanding (along with honoring parents) in aiding young couples to find their proper relationship. Of course, because of this, feminists have attacked me and, I suppose, out of that the anti-woman reputation grew. However, I have also been told by many couples that because of this way of understanding Christ's firm directive against divorce, they have stayed together even under tremendous marital pressure.

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