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spacer Sunday Conversations   Now everyone can enjoy the fun and insights of the weekly meetings at the FHU. Sunday Conversations are personal, spontaneous, enlightening, humorous and always uplifting. You'll learn what's at the root of marriage problems, family conflicts, success and failure. Click on links below to get recorded programs.
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Sunday Conversations, Seminars - Video DVDs, Audio CDs & Downloads
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How to Survive the Medical Matrix #7394
Roy and David Masters
The medical matrix is a real killer. When doctors and patients do not understand the spiritual dimension of illness, the “cure” will only treat the symptoms, leaving the real illness untreated and uncured.
Preview: How to Survive the Medical Matrix Download How to Survive the Medical Matrix
Order How to Survive the Medical Matrix
Are Your Thoughts Your Own?  #7438
Have you ever had a thought that embarrassed or frightened you? Did you ever wonder how it was that you could think such a thought? Are you sure that your thoughts are your really own?
Preview: Are Your Thoughts Your Own Download Are Your Thoughts Your Own
Order Are Your Thoughts Your Own
Our Dark Side and What to Do About It  #7437
From birth we have been conditioned to be all the things we should never have been. Becoming right means first discovering how and why we are wrong.
Preview: Our Dark Side  Download Intuition: The Unspoken Language
Order Our Dark Side
Intuition: The Unspoken Language  #7426
Intuition does not speak to us in words. Intuition imparts a wordless knowing and guidance in our personal lives - if only we learn how to recognize it. Learn how to develop your spiritual ears to “hear” the wordless word.
Preview: Intuition: The Unspoken Language Download Intuition: The Unspoken Language
Order Intuition: The Unspoken Language
Hypnosis, Conditioning, Food & Relationships  #7429
Contrary to popular belief, salvation is really a matter of unlearning and letting go. Discover why it is important to understand the nature of your own conditioning and how to become freed from it in the process.
Preview: Hypnosis, Conditioning, Food & Relationships Download Hypnosis, Conditioning, Food & Relationships
Order Hypnosis, Conditioning, Food & Relationships
Conscience: The Seed to Your Unfolding  #7425
Your conscience contains the seed of your entire unfoldment, but it does not compel you to listen to it. Life lived without guidance by conscience is called living in the dark…but what kind of life is that?
Preview: Download The Seed to Your Unfolding
Order The Seed to Your Unfolding
Is the Voice in Your Head Lying to You?  #7424
The human mind is where the battle between the Truth and the lie takes place, each striving for ascendancy. The Light of Truth or the demon of doubt…where is your allegiance?
Preview: Is the Voice in Your Head Lying to You Download Is the Voice in Your Head Lying to You
Order Is the Voice in Your Head Lying to You
Looking Outward for Inner Love   #7423
It is folly to look to anything outside ourselves for love. Blaise Pascal said that we all “have a God-shaped vacuum” within. Find out why only the Divine can fulfill a human being.
Preview: Looking Outward for Inner Love Download Looking Outward for Inner Love
Order Looking Outward for Inner Love
Conscience: Your Guide to Health   #7420
If everyone listened to their conscience there would be heaven on earth, but it is the failure to listen that leads to almost all problems, including illness.
Preview: Your Guide to Health Download Your Guide to Health
Order Your Guide to Health
Intimidate the Intimidator   #7419
The good book says “perfect love casts out fear”. Such love overcomes evil and intimidation. Such is the power of love, but how is this love found?
Preview: Intimidate the Intimidator Download Intimidate the Intimidator
Order Intimidate the Intimidator
Stillness: The Path to Grace   #7418
What does it mean to “be still”? Unless we find the means, God will never be able to instill His nature in us. Roy Masters describes with pin-point accuracy just what it means to “Be Still and Know”.
Preview: The Path to Grace Download The Path to Grace
Order The Path to Grace
It Starts with Forgiveness   #7416
It is said that we are forgiven as we forgive, but what exactly is forgiveness? Perhaps a better question is what is unforgiveness? Learn why your salvation depends upon understanding what forgiveness and unforgiveness mean.
Preview: It Starts with Forgiveness Download It Starts with Forgiveness
Order It Starts with Forgiveness
Surviving the Terror at Home   #7409
Bullies and terrorists can defeat us individually or as a country if we do not understand how to fight them properly. The key to winning is to understand that the power bullies and terrorists have over us is relative to the power we give to them.
Preview: Surviving the Terror at Home Download Surviving the Terror at Home
Order Surviving the Terror at Home
Escaping the Mental Matrix   #7408 -- David Masters
Is there really such a thing as a mental matrix which most of humanity will never understand… let alone escape from? David Masters offers an enlightened and profound answer to that question.
Preview: the Mental Matrix Download
Instant Healing  #7407
Roy Masters says that little children are born seeing without words and when they begin to speak with words, they are brilliant observers of life…But, alas, they soon lose that perception due to the pressures and conditionings of the world. Instant healing occurs when an adult becomes as a little child again.
Preview: Instant Healing Download Instant Healing
Order Instant Healing
The Passion--Saving Our Children from a Toxic Culture
Human love is not a redeeming love, but only serves the unredeemed side of another. Learn how love absent the Divine sets us all up for a toxic future.
Preview: Saving Our Children from a Toxic Culture Download Saving Our Children from a Toxic Culture
Order Saving Our Children from a Toxic Culture
Dynamic Parenting   # 7402 -- Dianne Masters
Dianne explains how dynamic parenting is more about the parents, and less about the children…but has equally profound effects upon both.
Preview: Saving Our Children from a Toxic Culture Download Saving Our Children from a Toxic Culture
Order Saving Our Children from a Toxic Culture
Overcoming the Fear of Failure  #7400 -- Dianne Masters
The fear of failure is often the result of being set up to fail, as well as resenting the pressure to succeed. Dianne’s solution is profoundly simple.
Preview: Saving Our Children from a Toxic Culture Download Saving Our Children from a Toxic Culture
Order Saving Our Children from a Toxic Culture

Conquering Depression Through Spiritual Rebirth   #7399
Roy Masters reveals how depression can be a precursor to faith and salvation, and how negative and depressing thoughts can be transformed into a new and life-altering perspective.
Preview: Conquering Depression Download Conquering Depression
Order Conquering Depression
Born Again or Deceived Again?   #7398
You cannot truly repent and be saved until you know exactly what you are to be saved from. Learn what it really means to be “born again”.
Preview: Born Again or Deceived Again Download Born Again or Deceived Again
Order Born Again or Deceived Again


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