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spacer Sunday Conversations   Now everyone can enjoy the fun and insights of the weekly meetings at the FHU. Sunday Conversations are personal, spontaneous, enlightening, humorous and always uplifting. You'll learn what's at the root of marriage problems, family conflicts, success and failure. Click on links below to get recorded programs.
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Sunday Conversations, Seminars - Video DVDs, Audio CDs & Downloads
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How to Become Perfect: Deal Perfectly with Imperfect People
Imperfect people unconsciously seek out your faults. When you respond with selfless grace you reveal those people to themselves. After this session you will know how to deal perfectly with imperfect people - and to thereby propel yourself on towards perfection.

Ravaged Souls: Finding Our Way  #7501

You May Be A Remanufactured Person  #7500
Are you a construct or are you a real person? Remanufactured people feel emptiness and an insatiable longing; people who have a real identity experience joy, fulfillment, and a true sense of purpose. Do you have a true sense of self, or are you living the image of what you really want to be? The real answer may be much different than you believe.

Love, Don't Hate, Your Stress -- David Masters  #7498
Do you love stress? David Masters does, and while most of us do anything to avoid stress, David says, "Bring it on!" By discovering how to love stress rather than hate it, you can become the master of any stressful situation or person. Once you master stress, it facilitates spiritual growth and the development of strong character - and ultimately leads to success.

Hopelessly Depressed?  #7440
Behind all depression lies a secret life of judgment that eventually develops into feelings of utter hopelessness. However, when hopelessness becomes a cry to God, then feelings of despondency can become the key to freedom from depression through a special form of surrender called salvation. Spend some time with Roy and the audience to understand the simple secret to overcoming depression.

All About How Your Mind Works  #7496

Murder by Knowledge  #7495

The Price of Overreacting  #7491

Finding the True Nature of God  #7489

Hypnosis in Religion & Politics  #7488
There is something hypnotic in the way most ministers teach and politicians preach. Such hypnotic power can knowingly or unknowingly be used to create dependence on religion and government. This session is a survival guide for understanding the hypnotic power that often operates through religion and government.

Terri: A Precedent for Mass Murder  #7482
If you cannot stand up for what is right in your heart you will at some time suffer at the hands of the ignorant, selfish, or wicked. Take an in-depth look into what was behind the Terri Schaivo situation and the precedent it set.

The Stillness Code  #7485

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People  #7462
Ever wonder why some of the worst things happen to "good" people? It may not be simply a case of bad luck; many so-called good people possess a not-so-good vulnerability that a seductive nature in others can easily take advantage of. This profound session shows how to shine a light on the unseen perils that await those who only think they are good.

The Seductive Influence of Words  #7445
We all hear and are affected by words, but do we really understand what is behind angry, hurtful or seductive words? Roy Masters knows all about the seductive influence of words; in this special seminar he explains not only how to escape their effects, but how words can awaken and communicate the God-given spirit we were all born with.

Transcending Material Insecurity  #7443
Can material security lead to spiritual insecurity? Hear what the audience has to share about the perils of placing the quest for material security above the true security that comes from giving up the quest for the material substitutes for happiness.

Cancer: The Awful Truth  #7477
A practical look at the emotional and spiritual side of cancer. Find out how guilt leads to servitude and servitude to a perverse inner conflict that can ultimately result in illness and even cancer.

How to Deal with a Contentious/Wimpy Wife  #7476
When a man fails to understand what makes a woman unreasonable, angry, or frustrated, then disaster usually follows. All men should know what mistake not to make.

Suffering Can Make You Well?  #7473
What is suffering, and what is the simple secret to dealing with suffering that can heal rather than hurt? Learn why stress and aging can actually be a catalyst for joy and health.

Consciousness Never Dies  #7472
The key to eternal life is an intuitive consciousness that, once found, never dies.

Understanding Denial  #7470
There is something seductive about the pleasure that feeds powerful addictions and irrational behavior - that "invisible something" is denial. Understanding why we are compelled to deny the truth about ourselves is the key to balance, sanity, and true happiness. 

The Manchurian Candidate: Are You Doing the Brainwashing?  #7467
What is brainwashing? Could you be brainwashed by your parents, your boss or your wife? Could you be doing the brainwashing and not even know it?  Includes an exploration of the classic film "The Manchurian Candidate" and the process behind brainwashing and hypnosis.

Have We Become the Hypnotic States of America? - Part 1
A brilliant introduction to the basic but little-understood principles of emotional conditioning and the powerful effects of stress, injustice and sin.

Have We Become the Hypnotic States of America? - Part 2
Roy Masters continues a fascinating exploration of emotional and hypnotic conditioning and explains what it is that makes practically everyone vulnerable to the power of suggestion. Learn the vital secrets that can protect you from the wills and agendas of others.

Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind From Within
Understand the art of manipulation and what it is that can enslave us to a manipulator who seems like a friend or savior.

Find Out What "Sinning" Really Means  #7458
"What you really need is a consciousness that is saved." Learn the simple reality of what sin is and why salvation is really founded in God's truth and in living the "B" Attitudes.

How to Find True Salvation #7457
True salvation is found in more than just words. In fact, there is something in the way words affect us that often gets in the way of finding the true meaning of salvation.


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