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spacer Sunday Conversations   Now everyone can enjoy the fun and insights of the weekly meetings at the FHU. Sunday Conversations are personal, spontaneous, enlightening, humorous and always uplifting. You'll learn what's at the root of marriage problems, family conflicts, success and failure. Click on links below to get recorded programs.
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Sunday Conversations, Seminars - Video DVDs, Audio CDs & Downloads
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How God's Love Redeems and Mother's Love Enables
Love, What's Sex Got to Do with It?  #7546
Have the children leave the room before you listen to Roy Masters deliver this unvarnished, sex education 101 lecture. Not for the timid.

The Perils of Not Speaking Up  #7545
The inability to confront others is the source of all emotional and psychological problems. Learn how and why it is vitally important to speak up in the right way.

The Cause of Every Problem on Earth--It's So Simple It's Hard  #7543
The glue that binds us to sin and error is resentment. Drop resentment and drop your problems. Roy Masters delivers a most insightful lecture in this Sunday Session.

Resolving the Enslavement to Music and Sex  #7542
Roy Masters says that only a soul willing to awaken can become free of all that enslaves it. Are you ready to awaken?

Sex: The Secret Weapon Destroying America  #7541
All pleasure puts to sleep conscience…and a life of pleasure without conscience is a life that leads to misery, disease and death. Roy Masters holds nothing back in this lecture; it's not for the timid.

The Excuse: Deadlier Than the Deed  #7540
Excuse-making is subterfuge; it is a lie designed to confuse others to the reality of what you really are. Excuse-making, believe it or not, is one of the key elements of what is wrong with you.

Finding Forgiveness: Forgetting Past Sins  #7539
Forgiveness is the balm that heals all wounds…all we have to do is claim it. But how is that done? Hear Roy Masters explain it on this special Sunday Session.

Self-Destruction: Unlocking Your Secret Code  #7535
All who sin are slaves…Do we even suspect that we are? Breaking free from our mental slavery is really very simple.

The Altered Mind: Sympathy for the Devil  #7534
Roy Masters says that a war is being fought for your soul. It is being fought in two places, within you and without. But how can this war be won? The answer will surprise you.

Your Programming: Breaking Its Deepest Link  #7533
Employing the extremes of love and hate keeps us locked in a struggle that leads to death. But how do we break this cycle of death? The answer is simpler than you think.

Surviving God: How to Overcome Depression & Despair
What you really need to understand is the subtle game the spirit of doubt plays…and how it relates to depression and despair. Roy Masters exposes this game in no uncertain terms in this brilliant lecture.

Women: Everything You Ought to Know  #7525
Roy Masters says that your life depends on confronting the cunning little things people do. Why is this so important?

Manipulating the Manipulator  #7524
The plastic personality or authority is a seducer, seducing you to think you are something that you are not. Seeing through this wicked game is crucial to salvation. Are you ready to confront the manipulator?

The End of All Sorrows  #7523
Is there really such a thing? Can a human being hold his peace in spite of any circumstance? The answer, says Roy Masters, is “Yes!”

Where to Find True Love  #7520
It is said that perfect love casts out all fear…and guilt…and anger…but what is perfect love and how is such love found?

How to Make Perfect Decisions  #7519
The art of making perfect decisions is learning the art of making no decisions. A contradiction? A divine paradox? Decide for yourself after listening to this wonderful lecture.

Devoted to Deception? The Hypnosis of Lies  #7517
Do you own your own mind? Hear the shocking answer to that question in the Sunday Session.

The Single Cause and Solution to All Your Problems  #7515
There is one single problem from which all your other problems come. Once this problem is clearly seen the solution soon follows. Listen to this most insightful discussion.

Hostage to the Devil No More  #7512
Understanding is freedom, but being judgmentally resentful keeps us subject to the dark side. Listen to how you can be free once and for all within this very special Sunday Session.

Hypnotic Christianity  #7487
Hypnotic Christianity or true faith? Words are from men but understanding is from God. Knowledge leads to death and understanding leads to life. Knowing the difference is crucial to your salvation.

Men: Solving Your Women Problems  #7511
There may be few problems you cannot solve if you possess the spirit most men were deprived of early in their lives. Roy Masters shares some of his 50 years of experience in understanding and guiding people through the pitfalls of man-woman relationships.

Religion: It Cannot Be Learned  #7507

Romance: The Mental Illness   #7506
Romance, it's seductive, but something dangerous lurks behind everything seductive. If you understand how to avoid the traps inherent in romance you won't find out the hard way how mutual seduction leads to mutual destruction.

Antidote to Evil  #7503

Stress: The Only Way to Win is to Not Play the Game  #7502
Bullies advance by using stress to make you react. However, as Roy points out, "If you don't dance, they can't advance" - it's as simple as that. This session reveals how to eliminate stress through a special type of non-reaction that penetrates bullies to the core.



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