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spacer Sunday Conversations   Now everyone can enjoy the fun and insights of the weekly meetings at the FHU. Sunday Conversations are personal, spontaneous, enlightening, humorous and always uplifting. You'll learn what's at the root of marriage problems, family conflicts, success and failure. Click on links below to get recorded programs.
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Sunday Conversations, Seminars - Video DVDs, Audio CDs & Downloads
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Lust: The Loving Killer  #7641
Man's major delusion is that he thinks his lust is actually "love." This distorted view causes the woman he lusts to be angry, making her look like the cause of all strife; the reality is, it's the man's fault. Roy and the audience discuss the causes and effects of the demon of lust, and how it may be "handled."

Tell on Yourself...Is Your Secret Life Killing You?

How To Be a Conscious Man with Your Less-Conscious Woman

Post-Hypnotic Stress Syndrome: Everyone Has It

The Doubt Demon

How to Listen to God and Never Doubt Yourself Again #7633
One of the most insightful Sunday Sessions to date. The entire meeting is devoted to one man's fall into doubt and his journey back to faith. Discover a greater understanding and appreciation of faith's power to heal and guide us to a brighter future.

Who Wants To Get Better Right Away? #7631
"Yes you can, if you understand just one thing" To the extent you have been victimized, you have developed an illness, an addiction, or some other malady. Whatever your problem is, it can be eliminated by following the simple advice provided in this talk.

What Christianity has Lost; Listening to this Can Save Your Life  #7630
Something is missing in conventional church services and in traditional interpretations of scripture. Knowing exactly what is missing could spell the difference between eternal and "infernal" life.

Defeat Doubt Effortlessly  #7626
Are you grappling with the intractable spirit known as doubt? Learn how to subdue doubt, and to lead a faith-directed existence, in this wonderful talk.

Men: The Missing Part of Yourself is Not a Woman #7625
All men are incomplete. They are born that way. Instead of searching for God to find "what's missing," men will usually try to find it in the ego support provided by women; however, this leads to frustration and pain--for both men and women.

How Willful Struggle Makes You Sicker - Understanding Michael J. Fox  #7621
So often when we have a problem, we try to solve it through an act of will. In fact, it is probably human nature to respond in this manner. Find out why trying to willfully solve a problem is the wrong tack to take.

The Purpose-Given Life  #7620
The concept of a "purpose-driven life" has become a popular topic of discussion in some circles. In this Session, Roy differentiates between the purpose-driven and the purpose-given life, and examines why the latter concept is the one to embrace.

All Healing Comes Through the Silence of the Mind  #7619
For any given problem, there is only one real cure: the silence of the mind. Sure, chemotherapy may eliminate your cancer, but if you don't learn to silence your mind you'll still end up eventually succumbing to some other malady--and to an infernal existence.

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Here Lies the Answer to Every Stress and Pressure #7618
Roy Masters dissects the dynamics of stress and trauma and points the way back to recovery and healing from whatever is wrong with you. A very special talk not to be missed.

What is Happiness? -- David Masters  #7614
David Masters stepped in to do the Sunday Session while Roy was hosting the LA Seminar. In this wonderful talk, David answers that question from his own unique perspective.

Understanding Masculine Women
What makes a woman masculine? What switches her around and sustains that masculinity? Discover what creates a masculine woman and see how simple the return to proper womanhood is.


Anger - The Silent Killer
Angry and resentful thoughts serve to sustain all that is wrong with us. Unless we understand that there is an existence separate from the angry word-thoughts of our mind we are doomed to a miserable existence and death. Find out how freedom and happiness are within your grasp.

Why Women Have Contempt For Men
Men, ever wonder why the women in your life have no respect for you? This session exposes the painful truth about what happens to men that causes women to distrust, hate and even destroy them.

Why Women
Finding the Power to Conquer Resentment
Until we can recognize and give up our hidden resentments, we shall remain a slave to the dark side of ourselves. Learn how to find the light that shows us our faults.

Indispensable Advice for Wives, Daughters and Mothers
More than a typical Sunday Session, this special “mini-healing-seminar” contains some indispensable advice for wives, daughters and mothers.

The Insidious Power of Unconscious Judgment
The unconscious mind, until revealed in the light, lives upon unconscious judgment and contempt for our fellow man. Examine the root of all human problems with Roy Masters.

Overruling the Entity that Rules the World
Almost from the beginning, a battle has been waged between the forces of evil and good. In this world, evil seems to have the upper hand, but the battle really takes place within the hearts and minds of every human being.

Over ruling
Your Bullies are Cowards...Appease Them No More
The shocking truth is that without our consent there could never be a victim of bullies and dictators. Discover the simple key to disabling control freaks and abusers and overcoming self-doubt and depression.

Is Your Secret Life Killing You?
Do you have a secret life that is killing you? Almost everyone does, and if you are ready to face your secret life, Roy Masters walk you through it.

Secret Life
Surviving Confrontation With The Adversary...Within and Without
Evil can live in two places: inside yourself and within those who torment you. To survive the evil torment of others and win the "crown of life" you need to learn how to confront and overcome the evil, within and without.

The Female-Victim Mentality of Terrorists - They Always Accuse Others of What They Do
Perfect calm and clarity is required to defend oneself against emotionally-charged, false accusations. Without this, the innocent can be destroyed and made to look guilty. Whether in the home or on the world stage, knowing how to deal perfectly with wicked people is a vital skill.

Female Victim


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