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Audios - Spiritual Understanding
There is a saying that "good religion is never bad psychology." Most experts agree that the Judeo-Christian tradition and its values, based on the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus, just happen to make up the best, sanest and most advanced blueprint for living that the world has ever known.

All Tapes & CDs are $20 - Downloads $10 - DVDs $29


How Your Mind Can Keep You Well
(contains the "Be Still and Know" Technique)
Tape or CD  Download

What it Means to "Be Still and Know" 1 & 2
(Not the meditation)
Tape or CD  Download

Meditation and the Spirit of Yearning
Tape or CD


Finding God Tape or CD   Download

True Religion and False Religion/ Is God a Punisher? Tape or CD    Download

Blessed Are Those Who Yearn
Tape or CD   Download

Seeking the Blessed State of Mind  
Tape or CD

Finding God in Physics  Tape or CD


Christ and Salvation Tape or CD   Download

Jesus Christ: Who is He and How Can He Save Us? Tape or CD   Download

Experience the Depths of Jesus Christ
Tape or CD

The Mystery of Christ on the Cross
Tape or CD

Christ: The Blood of the Lamb Tape only

None Come to the Father Except By Me  
Tape or CD

Easter Message Tape or CD


False Christianity Tape or CD   Download

What It Really Means to be Born Again  
Tape or CD

All Who Sin Are Slaves/Unless A Man Is Born Again
Tape or CD   Download

Born Again: Religious Feeling or Religious Experience? Tape or CD   Download

Roy Debates Walter Martin "The Bible Answer Man"
(Original Tape Recording - Low Quality)
Tape or CD

Is Christianity A Religion?  Tape or CD    Download

The Power of Words/Religious Excitement vs Experience Tape or CD   Download

The Mystical Meaning of Christmas Part 1 & 2  
Tape or CD   Download

The Meaning of Christmas/Creation vs. Evolution  Tape only   Download

The Meaning of Human Existence Part 1 & 2
Tape or CD    Download

Independent Thought/Unless a Man Dies...
Tape or CD

Finding the Teacher Within
Tape or CD    Download

Eternal Life Tape or CD   Download

Perfecting the Soul Tape or CD   Download


Roy Masters Interprets the Bible
Tape or CD    Download

The Fall of Adam, The Good Shepherd
Tape or CD    Download

The Lord's Prayer  Tape or CD   Download

Promises of Wealth in the Bible
Tape or CD

Creation vs. Evolution  Tape or CD   Download

Promiscuity/Samson & Delilah  
Tape or CD   Download


What Is True Faith/Finding True Authority
Tape or CD  Download

Faith, Hope and Love   Tape only   Download

The Blood Of The Lamb/Faith and Belief  
Tape or CD

The Crisis of Faith Through Emotion  
Tape or CD  Download


Finding True Freedom Tape or CD    Download

The Truth Shall Set You Free
Tape only    Download


The Power of Divine Love Tape or CD

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear Tape   Download

Love & The 'B' Attitudes
Tape or CD   Download

The Mystery of Love Through Faith  
Tape only


Forgiveness Tape or CD     Download

A Look at Forgiveness Part 1 & 2
Tape or CD  Download

The Art of Forgetting Tape or CD     Download


Meditation and the Process of Salvation
Tape or CD

Secrets of Salvation Tape or CD   Download

Secrets of Freedom and Salvation Part 1 & 2
Tape or CD    Download


All About Judgment Tape or CD  Download

Judge Not: Lest Ye Be Judged
Tape or CD  Download  DVD


The Sins of Our Fathers  Tape or CD  Download

Ego & Pride/Let He Who Has Not Sinned  
Tape or CD  Download


What is Evil?   Tape or CD   Download

Overcoming Evil   Tape or CD   Download

How Evil Begins and Ends
Audio tape

Human Evil & Passion Tape or CD   Download

The Battle For Your Soul Part 1 & 2
Tape or CD   Download

Hundreds of audios are available:
bulletSelf Help Audios
bulletHealth & Addiction
bulletLove & Marriage
bulletFamily & Parenting
bulletGuest Interviews
bulletSpiritual Understanding
bulletBusiness & Success
bulletUnderstanding Society
Hear Sample Audios

Special Audio Packages:

Christianity Today Vol 1 - 3 tapes
Christianity Today Vol 1
Of Yourself You Can do Nothing
Overcoming Impatience
The Blessings of a Good Father
The Curse of a Bad Father
Anger Repressed is Fear
The Two Forms of Anger
3 Audio Tapes $35

Christianity Today Vol 2
Samson & Delilah
Submit to Your Husband
By the Sweat of Thy Brow
3 Audio Tapes $35

The Adam & Eve Sindrome - 6 tapes

The Adam & Eve Sindrome
6 Audio Tapes $50

The Truth Will Set You Free - 6 tapes

The Truth Will Set You Free
6 Audio Tapes $50

What it Means to be Saved - 3 tapes
What It Means to Be Saved
The Unseen Forces Within
Narrow Is The Path And Few Are Those Who Find It
There Is No Falling Away From Salvation
3 Tapes $35

The Khaboris Tapes Vol 1 - 3 tapes
The Khaboris Tapes - Vol 1
Jesus of Nazareth/Is Jesus God?
Sermon on the Mount
Volume 1 $35

The Khaboris Tapes - Vol 2
Life Force/Born of Water & Spirit
Can Christians Be Wealthy?
The Unforgiving Servant
Volume 2 $35

The Khaboris Tapes - Vol 3
Not Peace, but Division
A Kingdom Divided
Is Christianity a Religion?
Love Your Enemies
Love Your Neighbor
Volume 3 $35


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