Privacy Policy

Last updated: December 19, 2013

Any information you send to us in order to register for this event will not be resold and your contact information will only ever be used to contact you in regards to this event and its information.

There are some website scripts running on the website like Google Analytics that use cookies to track a user's activity on the website. Google Analytics also looks up the user's IP address and other information about the user. We use this information to provide effective design on the website, and the information collected is not used to identify any individual users. The data is anonymized and we do not track any one user. Most websites visited online use standard methods like this, and we're spelling it out here for the purpose of this privacy policy.

We may engage in retargeting using another product from Google called Google Adwords. A similar service exists called Adroll, which we may also use. These services allow us to place ads for our website on other websites that you visit if the other website owners allow it. Adroll allows for these types of retargeting ads to appear on Facebook and other networks.

This policy may change without notice.