Seeking Solutions

Roy Masters from ‘How To Be At Peace with Your Problems’

Briefly stated, man compensates away from the Ideal state-of-mind through his lack of emotional self-control.

As he moves towards what he believes will give him power over his problems – he moves away from his True identity; creating a greater tension and a greater outer problem. Therefore, it fights him back again. 

From this position of greater tension he again moves towards his goal of overpowering the problem; however, at the same time he moves still further from Peace-of-Mind. 

In other words, the animals way of life is always involved with the problem of survival and natural growth. By conquering the problem he himself creates a natural, greater complex because HE HIMSELF is becoming a problem to ANOTHER. This is evolution! 

In other words, by the very success of his growth, he must, of necessity, become a bigger problem to another.

By responding to a problem we are still part of natural progress in nature. However, when we find the True tranquility, wisdom and self-mastery over our emotions – we shall cease to respond to the situation. Instead, we shall be reacting to our common-sense.

In other words, we shall be responding to the SOLUTION – instead of to the problem.

When we respond to the problem we become part of a procession and progress that we call natural evolution. When we respond, in wisdom, to the solution, then we become part of that solution – meaning that we have found COMPLETION – moving away from endless evolution.

Nature cannot be permitted to find wisdom and completion, or it would cease to evolve. 

Only in man is there a SOLUTION that will save him from the restless, unending pathway of change and decay

When you take an aspirin you do not find a solution, you only create a greater problem. You tend to think you are well because you feel better – but you are not any better because the problem has not been resolved. 

Now it continues under the cover of artificial better-feelings. Actually, even the better-feeling itself is an illusion. However, we are no better; in reality, we only feel a relief of pain.

The sudden relief causes us to believe that we are better but it also causes us to place our faith back again in the medication. This tends to cancel the problem, and to allow its continued growth. 

Now, again we tend to move repeatedly towards that substance that previously earned our MISGUIDED faith. Again we move away from the REAL solution, towards a greater problem. The drug is contributing to the unnatural state of the body and to its eventual decline. 

In essence we tend to place greater and greater trust in that medication, philosophy or psychology that only leads us further away from ourselves – to greater unhappiness and sickness.

As the problem becomes worse so does the tendency to remember what previously relieved us. This, in reality, only gives us more eventual pain which must be relieved again, with the same unwarranted trust. 

Do you not see that by moving outwards, instead of INWARD toward the calm, PATIENT solution, we are again building a relationship with the problem; creating an evolution of problems that we cannot bear? 

Only in man is there a SOLUTION that will save him from the restless, unending pathway of change and decay – set in motion from the beginning of Time. Only MAN is able to find a solution in that BEGINNING.