Perilous World Radio 02/08/24


I have a feeling that something big will happen today, says our host, Alan Masters, as he welcomes everyone to the Perilous World Radio show. I believe that we will learn and see something that will change the course of life, perhaps. I think we'll see and hear some things we have been lied about. Today, Tucker Carlson will be talking with Putin. They're going to pull the Band-Aid off, and a particular group wants Tucker charged under the Espionage Act. This interview will happen at 3:00 pm today.

Alan switches over to take on a question from one of the listeners in the chat room. They ask, how did these atrocities come about voters and altered mindsets everything your dad tried to expose and why and how it manifests and deceives? I could not agree more, says Alan. Roy wrote over 20+ books trying to show us all the coming things. Most are still available for purchase, you can visit for more details.

Nature will take its course, and evil also has a nature. It's very much like the Black Widow spider or a snake. God created all these things that make us feel creeped out. Don't you get that feeling about some of the politicians? Sometimes, my head would rather believe a logical lie than the truth. The truth will set us free, but most people cannot see it because they're locked into their intellectual mind. They live their whole life being intellectual, never truly living because they have never become the spiritual being they're supposed to be.

As Hillary Clinton said, "We are useful idiots." When you're an idiot, someone will take advantage of you. When you stop being an idiot, that's when you become a man or a woman that cannot be taken advantage of because you're no longer an intellectual useful idiot. My dad has been trying to wake people up to that his whole life, and now it's my turn!


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