Perilous World Radio 01/09/24

Reviving The American Spirit!

Dianne Masters, only daughter of Roy Masters and Co-Founder of the Great American Entertainment Company, hosts today's show: Loving, appreciating, and reviving the American spirit. No one should be ashamed of being an American. To the contrary, we should be the proudest people on Earth! Dianne speaks her mind on a range of topics. She is offended when mega-preachers like Joel Osteen "bark" out the name of Jesus. To Dianne, our faith is private, and our example should show people how much we love Jesus and his Father, God.

Dianne speaks of having a close relationship with her dad, Roy Masters. And if you've seen the daughter— you've seen the father. She never wanted to disappoint her father or her Heavenly Father.

Roy passed on a love for entrepreneurship to his children, and Dianne promotes the value and joy of starting your own business whenever possible. It is good to start children early, and they love it! The priceless lessons they learn and the independence they bring are astounding.

Dianne is appalled at the way our current leadership is degrading and attempting to destroy the American spirit, and she yearns for the return of leaders who love our country. And she is passionate about keeping her father's legacy alive. To access Roy Masters' decades of lectures and other life-changing materials, consider purchasing a Web Subscription. Or help us continue our work by making a tax-deductible Donation to the FHU. Thank you for being so supportive!


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