Restoring the Soul From Deadly Imaginations

Roy Masters

A little girl went to her father's room late one night and said, "Daddy, I see a big spider in my room. I don't think it's a real spider, it seems more in my mind -- but it scares me just the same." "In that case," said the father, "you must just watch that spider until it disappears." The child returned to her room and quietly watched that dream world spider, and soon fell into a peaceful sleep. This simple little story illustrates one of the most vital lessons that we all must learn: observe all problems in a detached manner and they will finally melt away. Evil, operating through its emotional medium of imagination cannot stand observation. 

"you must just watch that spider till it disappears'"

Dream phantoms cannot affect you as reality does when consciously observed by a mind that is detached and aware. With true presence of mind, there is unrealized power to counter all torments. Do not be tempted to resent past memories, feelings and thoughts as they surface in the light of observation -- that struggle is a big part of your downfall. Through the faithlessness of struggle, you energized those "day-mares" with your soul's very own life force. You must come to know what Jesus was born knowing that He could do nothing except the Father act through Him. Just as soon as you realize this, it transforms instantly into the faith necessary to stop you from the futility of trying to save yourself. 


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