Resisting Negative Suggestion

Roy Masters from ‘The Secret Power of Words’

Inasmuch as we all enter the world as products of original sin, we tend to put our faith in the people we find around us, and as a result, we wind up misled, betrayed, and disillusioned.

If you look at this situation from a philosophical point of view, however, you will see that it does little harm. If you have the right spirit, negative experiences will tend to wake you up and teach you something about your failing.

For one thing, they can tell you that faith is a precious thing, and that people nearly always betray it.

If you look very carefully, you will see that you were never meant to place your faith in anyone other than the Deity Himself. You have been giving your confidence to the wrong people out of a compulsive need to make gods out of them.

It all started in the garden, when man, seeking to be God (an impossibility), put his trust in a lie. That same pride has come down to us, bringing with it a lie-believing, lie-based nature that is causing all our problems to this very day.

Liars are people who can, by their very presence, exude a supportive feeling that your ego needs and must consequently trust for the sake of that need.

You exchange trust for some mysterious promise of fulfillment that is inherent in such trust. You have “faith” in yourself because others have faith in you.

You cannot go through life believing a lie one moment and accepting the Truth the next

You have faith in others to cause them to have faith in you.

You cannot go through life believing a lie one moment and accepting the Truth the next. A man cannot be a confusion of lies and truths any more than a woman can be a little bit pregnant.

Nothing can be just a little bit sterile. It is one or the other. Had it not been for his fall to pride, man might have known perfection; but now that corruption has been introduced, man’s soul is polluted.

As a result, the only way he sees that he can be more is through more pollution; but of course his corruption does not seem like corruption to him at all.

On the contrary, he sees it as a sign that he is really living and growing. Once corruption is introduced, the stuff of corruption

continues to grow up inside the soul that has made a home for it.

Had the soul remained pure, it would have grown in purity. Even so, a chicken will grow in an egg that has not been cracked, but a cracked egg will breed only maggots.

In the same way, your nature must trust in something greater than itself in order for it to exist. If it fails to recognize the truth, it is bound into a life of deception.