Pressure Sensitive

Roy Masters from "HYMCKYW"

The meditation has revealed to you the principle for meeting any excitement correctly. However, observing our need to dissolve emotional responses to the outside is only the beginning.

We must also not become upset with what appears in ourselves.

By resigning to an inner pressure, responding and taking shape from an intuitive impulse each moment, we take on a new nature and become creators of stress.

Being a vehicle of a new order of life, you will cause others to feel a pressure upon them, which compels them to respond, but only because of your non-response.

While they are externally turned on and sensitive to pressure, you are not. By your witness of what is right, you unknowingly compel their energy-sensitive bodies to live according to what is sensible.

Egocentrically, they will not want to do so, but they will have no choice—just as you were committed according to their guile when you had no control.

Because of fear due to growing emotional sensitivity to severe pressures, delinquents and malcontents develop a ruthless need to cause others to respond emotionally to them, thus regaining a sense of courage and power they had lost through having yielded to bigger monsters in their

own lives.

"Through the meditation exercise, we influence simply by not being influenced"

Becoming a threat, they momentarily feel less threatened. In other words, they become the source of fear in others in order to minimize their own fears, which were caused by their reactions to similar brutalities inflicted upon them.

They display a relative courage, a type of superiority derived at the expense of others. They soon become dependent upon the anger, fear and reaction of their victims for this sense of value.

I am not suggesting that we influence people in this fashion; I am showing a way of conquering your fears and inferiorities and affecting people simply through not being affected by their need to pressure and impress you.

This will, incidentally, discourage bullies and stand as a correction to them. First, we are patient. Patience may itself be sufficient activity.

Then, if we are prudent, we will see clearly to speak and act from an emotionally undistorted view of the situation.

Through the meditation exercise, we influence simply by not being influenced—discern by not judging—love by not resenting.

We cause response simply by not responding… we obtain by not coveting…and own by not seeking to possess.

We stand as evidence of what is correct by our ability to hold sway over our emotions.