Playing God Demands Approval

Roy Masters

Every soul which has fallen to pride is void of understanding, because the ego shuns knowledge of God in order to be God; the ego fears understanding because that is the way of God.

Understanding shames and inhibits the way the budding ego wants to believe about itself—egotists want to will their own universe into existence and to reveal their own creative genius so as to be admired for their accomplishments. 

The fallen ego is hungry and thirsty—not for truth, but to realize its own greatness, which somehow seems to elude it. When we have lost sight of the truth, we often misconstrue the guilt we feel for this.

Check this out the next time you feel guilty—you can falsely believe that you are guilty only for not being good enough, rather than for being wrong. Guilt then drives you to do better to prove that your goodness is there.

Manipulators can use this folly to make you serve their purposes; often they can be responsible for making you feel guilty, and then allow you to work it out by serving them in exchange for a smile of approval. 

The tempter helps us dream the impossible dream and then, no matter how low we sink, he is there again in one form or another recognizing our worth, adoring us, catering to us, worshipping us, understanding our needs and sympathizing with our suffering, even helping us to restore our pride and self-esteem. 

We fall prey to such ego appeals all too easily. Falling always seems (at the time) like rising; escaping reality has exactly the same effect. Then, the morning after the night before, we see what has happened—but again, we cannot handle what we see.

We cope with the awareness of it by flipping back into a hypnotic/psychotic state, talking down to our tormentors in our heads (we are afraid to oppose them in reality because what enslaves us we also need for our continued security).

We construe our enslavement to psychopathic masters to be a sign of goodness, and we see ourselves as unselfish martyrs, hoping that eventually our unfailing service will make them recognize our kingly worth. 

In this system, you find yourself subject to the authorities who have risen in the fall of man. The master-slave relationship inherited from your parents is perpetuated throughout your life by people you meet, elect and marry.

The spirit of that which made you what you are loves you as you are. 

Like a moth to flame, you are drawn into relationships (it is especially noticeable in marriage) unconsciously selected to reinforce the loser role you have been cast in during your formative years. A small stretch of the imagination will help you to realize that a similar reinforcement process is going on in the “winner” too.

Cowards make bullies, and bullies make cowards; they reinforce one another’s roles, you see. The coward is actually responsible for contributing to the power the bully has over him; that power comes from the coward’s very own weakness.

Such lack of courage is rooted in fear, and fear comes from a lack of faith. The cause of fear, metaphysically speaking, is the loss of confidence in what is right; courage comes from knowing and believing the truth, and being committed to what is right for each moment, rather than from being popular.

But the fallen ego has come down to the system of believing in itself through the approval of others. There is no way you can oppose the evil you inherently need to support your ego, so you tend to find security in that evil. 

The degree of fear and inferiority you experience in response to authority is in direct proportion to your distance from reality. And that, in turn, is directly connected to your own special brand of ego-tripping. 

I repeat, everyone on an ego trip (and therefore wrong) is dependent upon support from someone or something; playing God demands approval—some call it love. To feel right when you are wrong requires deception; in order to be deceived, you must have a desire to be deceived.

The desire to be deceived, when fulfilled, makes you comfortable in the presence of the deceiver, and in that moment you become guilty.

"The fallen ego is hungry and thirsty—not for truth, but to realize its own greatness, which somehow seems to elude it."

Memories from fun activities build the foundation of interests. Make time for you kids, and they won’t go looking for worthless, time-wasting things to do, and they won’t look for love and acceptance in the wrong type of friends!

When you build a real foundation for children, they will turn into interested teens. How many teenagers do you know who have interests in healthy things, or even have any interest at all except in their Social Media page?

I have met so many teens who look at me with their goat eyes, and after a few words with them I find that they have nothing to look forward to in life. Most of them have been spoiled beyond belief and feel there is almost no hope for a bright future, although I can usually dig deep and bring to the surface a little glimmer of something they were inspired by at some time in their lives.

Be a hero for your child and be interested in everything for them, so they can be inspired by you. Let them know that life is full of endless opportunities, not endless dead ends.