Planned Chaos

Roy Masters

In an attempt to fathom the epidemic of execution-style school shootings and murders, the President is assembling a panel of experts.

Unfortunately, he is oblivious to the fact that the preponderance of those experts are covertly part of the very problem he is trying to solve. A dozen people picked at random on the street are at least as likely to offer more sensible views on moral and political matters as a cross-section of intellectuals.

Forgive the directness. Socialist-style indoctrination at the university level succeeded in graduating two generations of teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, and even lawyers, programmed to turn the Constitution on its head.

Armies of “experts” continue demoralizing and drugging children into educational submission, all nice and legal.

Well-meaning or not, realize it or not, such expert answers cannot help but cause bigger problems destined to be “solved” by their own kind.

The compulsion of programmed “experts” is not much different from well-meaning parents who struggle with problems in their children that they themselves have unwittingly caused.

In desperation, parents (also products of the school system) hand over their angry, learning-impaired children to psychologists who use hypnotic drugs like Ritalin and Prozac to modify their behavior.

The strategy is to create a docile populace, a brave new world of people who cannot think for themselves, guided solely by a political system of experts who are themselves victims creating victims.

We dare not consult these people; they simply don’t know, and they don’t know that they don’t know, because the Stockholm syndrome behind their education kicks in, making them defend their corrupters.

"Experts are not the solution, they are the problem, and every rebellious kid knows it."

They have also become addicted to the ease with which they have power over others.

Government mental health and social services are in shambles by intent. This is a will to power by way of stealth and seduction and they do it all with a straight face as though they love you.

The seething boiling rage of millions of violated school children is beginning to come home to roost. The stage is set for planned chaos and the rise of draconian-authoritarian order.

Angry, rebellious, devastated kids are coming back to school obsessed with revenge. America’s prisons are overflowing, not so much with criminals, but rather, with broken kids from broken homes, from broken school systems, run by broken sexperts.

The necessary police presence in schools has the effect of programming children to accept a future police state.

When a sufficient number of socially engineered university graduates are ensconced in power, the net closes, off comes the mask, revealing a science-fiction police state of prescription-debilitated psychotic citizens.

The hour is late, and the mainstream propaganda machine holds a dangerous grip on our hearts and minds.

Where are the teachers willing to speak out and risk their pensions, or the parents and students who have realized the truth? Our soldiers die over in Iraq so you do not have to die here; all you risk is media censure and defamation.

Experts are not the solution, they are the problem, and every rebellious kid knows it.

Let every American with common sense stand up and cry “Enough!” Then will children’s hearts return to their fathers and our children will rejoice.