Perilous World Radio 12/24/21

BEST OF SHOW FROM 12/17/21 - Hour 1 - We have a full lineup of people on today’s show including Alan, David, Mike Jones, Beau Hanson, and Amanda Holmes. They go around and each answer the question, why are you here? They talk about how we have to understand a little of what happened in our childhood so that we can correct it in our adulthood and parenthood. They talk about how some people love objects more than their family. They talk about how everyone develops in their own time and not to judge people before they have reached their full potential.


BEST OF SHOW FROM 12/17/21 - Hour 2 - Alan, David, Mike, Beau, and Amanda talk about how we need to train our subconscious to have more positive thoughts than negative and doing this will make you have a much better outlook on life. They talk about how parents can accidentally hurt their children's feelings by doing something like not accepting a gift because they want their children to spend their money on themselves instead. They talk about how sometimes God’s light shines through you and that can make some people shy away from you because they want to stay living in darkness.


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