Perilous World Radio 12/22/21

Hour 1 - We have another jam-packed show today with Alan, David, Beau Hanson, and Amanda Holmes. They talk about how to get into the flow in life and in spirituality and how to stay there. They discuss how we should all be searching for ways to become more connected to God and if you are actively searching you will find the way. They talk about how you can’t learn how to fix a car by being alone in the woods, instead, you have to go to a place where they can teach you and how this applies to many things in life. 


Hour 2 - Alan, David, Beau, and Amanda talk about how you can’t let your ego get in the way of listening to your intuition. They talk about how important it is to make sure you are eating the right food and staying away from things that are full of sugar. They go on to talk about how we need to be premeditative about our health. They talk about how doctors don’t always know what is best for you and that you need to be open to seeking knowledge elsewhere.


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