Perilous World Radio 12/21/21

Hour 1 – David is joined once again by Pat Kelly on today’s show. They discuss how more than half of Americans think that this time of year is just about giving each other gifts and being nice to one another rather than celebrating it being about Christ’s birth. They talk about how horrible it is that people are pushing to get children vaccinated against covid because they might have lifelong problems due to it and children don’t really get sick from covid in the first place. They talk about how everyone dies but only few people truly live. They go on to talk about what is truly worth living for and what isn’t.


Hour 2 – David and Pat talk about how they think we are going to snap out of this woke mentality soon and that when we do it will be swift and decisive. They talk about whether or not living twice our lifespan would be a good thing or not. They talk about how you can’t judge a story until you know both sides and how a lot of people could benefit from learning that lesson.


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