Perilous World Radio 12/06/22

Two Sides of the Coin

David Masters and Pat Kelly host our Perilous World Radio show in which they discuss how misinformation is everywhere. 

·        EARLY WARNING telling us we will accept the devil

·        Days of Noah and Lot - Nelson Walters

·        Evil has been weaponized

·        Rand Paul questions Rachel Levine on gender-affirming care

·        Amazon Disclaimer on Zombies

·        Roy Masters - The secret relationship between people

·        Be Extra Cautious Warns Media INC COVID Misinformation

·        Dolly Parton Performs Her Hit Song Go to Hel

·        Dr. Stephanie Seneff- MIT mRNA turns into DNA in 6 hours

·        Restore natural balance to our culture

·        Dr. Robert Malone — Yes, mRNA can turn into DNA inside cancer cells

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