Perilous World Radio 12/04/20

Hour 1 – Alan and David are joined once again by Mike Jones. They talk about how pathetic and sad Biden’s interview on CNN was yesterday. They talk about how they can’t believe how people are still able to deny voter fraud, despite new evidence coming out every day. They talk about how it was caught on tape, ballots being put into a briefcase, put under a table, and then later taken away. Mike talks about he is tired of hearing political leaders saying they are going to fix the system, but then they never do.  

Hour 2 – Alan, David, and Mike talk about how the vaccine, and the tattoo you will get when you take it, is a lot like the Mark of the Beast from the Bible. Alan talks about how when he was dying in the hospital, before he had a lifesaving surgery, he never gave up his faith that God was guiding his life and that we all need to keep our faith also. Alan says that God tests us and right now is one of those times. They talk about how Dr. Fauci says we need to cancel Christmas plans and to not be around each other at all. Alan reminds listeners that you can find the Sunday Conversation, this show, and more on our new app, FHU Vision. Download the app on your smartphone and then register it at


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