Perilous World Radio 11/29/22

Elixir of Truth

Alan Masters, Jan Masters, and special guest Andrew Serafini take on today’s Perilous World Radio show as they discuss the political and public health issues that COVID woke up within humanity.

·        Spiritual symptom of something greater

·        Conditioned by riches

·        Remedy of Truth

·        Live. don’t just exist

·        Knowledge takes out the fear

·        Eye of the Storm

·        Special Guest Audra Morgan

·        What God wants of us

·        Let it go!

·        Cannabinoids

We are on a journey in life, and we are doing it together.  Understanding what our purpose is in life while walking hand in hand with our creator.  Join us tomorrow for more from Andrew Serafini with Light Dove Ministries as he educates and enlightens us with the truth.


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