Perilous World Radio 11/15/22

Wake Up!

Alan Masters, David Masters, and Pat Kelly host today’s Perilous World Radio show as the gentlemen encourage people to “Wake Up!” and get a bottle of “Backbone!”

·        Declaration of Invasion

·        Never too late

·        Demon be gone!

·        The Big Picture

·        Claus in the constitution

·        Roy Masters – Anxious

·        Fear is the mind-killer

·        Schumer - get some real things done for the American people

·        Ana Navarro- Tiffany Trump’s Wedding MAGA Funeral

·        Jon Voight- Only Trump Can Stop Swamp, ‘Pray’ He Returns

Alan salutes Governor Abbott for his valiant charge against evil as the show ends. Please visit us at, subscribe and enjoy years of Roy Masters content as well as what’s new from FHU.


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