Perilous World Radio 11/15/21

Hour 1 – Alan and David have special guest Beau Hanson on today’s show. They talk about how people are finally waking up and seeing that the left just wants to control the entire country and we all have to rise up and vote out people from the left that are in leadership roles. They talk about how the price of food and gas is rising and it’s going to become hard to get what you want soon. They have another guest, Colonal Monaco, on today’s show. They talk about how we should all go out and vote and if you won’t do it for yourself you should vote in honor of patriots who died so that you can have the freedom to vote.


Hour 2 – Alan, David, and Beau talk about how spike proteins found in the covid vaccine impairs DNA repair in the body. They talk about how we need to do research and know exactly what we is in products before we put them in our bodies. They talk about the long lasting results of side effects from the covid vaccine and how crazy it is that anyone wants to take it.


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