Perilous World Radio 11/14/22


Alan Masters, David Masters, Jan Masters, and Allison Masters host today’s Perilous World Radio show.  They discuss vulnerability, change, and betrayal within our government and ourselves.

·        Time to build something new

·        What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

·        Trolling Trump

·        Jon Voight- Only Trump Can Stop Swamp, ‘Pray’ He Returns

·        Spiritual Warfare is weighing Trump down

·        Prayer is how you save your soul; how do you save your country?

·        Losing your connection to reason

·        Betrayed by so many

·        He’s Dead to Us!’ SNL’s Fox & Friends Troll Trump

·        Betrayal from the beginning of time

·        Cultural rot

Surrender your soul to God.  The ego will destroy us, so give that back to the devil.  We must clean up our house and learn how to meditate.  Visit us at and subscribe to help support the foundation.


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