Perilous World Radio 11/08/22

Taking America Back

Alan Masters, David Masters, and Country Lawyer Pat Kelly host today’s show as they remind us of our obligation to vote.

·         Game Time

·         Shenanigans have already started in Maricopa County

·         Kari Lake ‘We will not be intimidated”

·         Ladies and Gentlemen Gender Fluid Chickens

·         Rush Limbaugh ahead of his time in 1993 virtue-signaling

·         Navigate the landscape of the world

·         Who’s the next Rush?

·         Smackdown!

·         You must vote

·         Roy Masters - The minute you yield to temptation

·         Roy Masters - The embrace of an enabler

·         Roy Masters - Something wants through you

·         When you don't vote, I end up with the government you deserve.

Again, today is a very important day. Vote! Vote! Vote! Liberty and Justice for all!


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