Perilous World Radio 11/08/21

Hour 1 - David hosts today’s show solo. David talks about how 30% of millennials identify as part of the LGBTQ according to new study, in 2018 it was less than 9%, and David says that it is because of all of the propaganda out there saying that it is hip to be part of that community. David goes on to talk about how hypnotic suggestions stay with you for a very long time in your subconscious and this is a way that you are being controlled by the media. David talks about how sleepers are all around us and just waiting to be activated.


Hour 2 - David talks about how America is starting to wake up to what is happening and the proof is that President Biden’s approval rating continues to drop and Vice President Kamala Harris’ is even lower than his. They have special guests Colonel Tony Monaco and Rees Lloyd on today’s show. They talk about Veterans Day being this week and how WWI got US people to really appreciate how much veterans sacrifice for their country and how we need to honor them. They talk about how upsetting it is at all of the horrible things that are being allowed to happen in this country and how it spits in the face of all of those veterans who fought and who died for this country.


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