Perilous World Radio 10/28/22

Perception is not Reality!


·        Paul Pelosi violently assaulted in San Francisco home

·        Kari Lake blows the doors off Fake News

·        Gisele Fetterman Historically, swimming in America is very racist

·        Get Zuck: Facebook Stock Down 22% Based on Disappointing Earnings

·        21% of Black Voters Support GOP – Lights out, Donkeys

·        Audio clip from Roy Masters

·        Joy Behar — OZ violated ‘his medical oath’ by debating Fetterman

·        Maher - Kanye’s Comments Aren’t Different from What Tlaib, Omar Said

·        Kanye West Says He Lost $2 Billion Following Antisemitic Comments: ‘The Money Is Not Who I Am

·        Whoopie Goldberg- What she said on The View

·        Righteous father blasts woke school board… Powerful words

·        Washington's Vision

Well, that wraps up this week’s Perilous World Radio show.  Join Alan, David, and Jan on next week’s manic Monday show as they take on calls from our viewers.


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