Perilous World Radio 10/26/22

Fly or the Honeybee?

Alan Masters and Jan Masters take on “hump day” Wednesday Perilous World Radio show.  Today they have Colonel Monaco from Patriot Outreach as well as “Constitutional Conditioning” with Steve Gribble. 


·         Quote: “A fly cannot understand that a honeybee likes honey more than poop!”

·         Fetterman vs. Oz

·         Home values drop as the values inside the home drop too

·         Know your neighbors

·         New York Supreme Court ordered back pay for those terminated for not taking the covid vaccination; arbitrary and capricious

·         Truth makes life sweet

·         Battlefront Segment with Colonel Monaco and the “Art of Deflecting”

·         Article 5:  Congress can propose amendments to the Constitution

·         200 trillion dollars in debt

·         Declaration of Independence


·         Using the Constitution as it was intended for

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