Perilous World Radio 10/21/22

Territorial Entities

David Masters and Mike Jones host today’s Perilous World Radio show as they wrap up this week with demonic and generational possessions.

·         Lifeforce Short overview Scene vampire zombies begin to lose control

·         Lara Logan’s Satan Rant Newsmax Host

·         Stacey Abrams Solution to inflation is having more Abortions

·         Lara Logan’s UNHINGED Satan Rant Too Bonkers for Newsmax Host

·         MSNBC analyst slams MAGA Republicans as 'blood-sucking ticks'

·         Trevor Loudon - understand the disturbing Trans trend.

·         Demon Vanquished 1-2

·         Demons – a documentary film with Dr. Michael S. Heiser

·         Lou Elizondo- Pentagon officials thought UFOs 'demonic'

·         Demon in Carol 1-2

·         Roy Masters on Stress

·         Choose your alliance

·         Vaxxed Cardiologist- Suspend mRNA Product Now

David reminds everyone to connect with our creator and to “Be Still and Know”.  Thank you for joining us this week.  And if you haven’t done so, visit and subscribe.  Have a great weekend!


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