Perilous World Radio 10/13/22

The Cats Out of The Bag

The scrappy trio is back, David Masters, Pat Kelly, and Mike Jones, as they discuss the death penalty and so much more.

·        Jury of Parkland Shooter considers the death penalty

·        Doctors link antidepressants with mass shootings

·        Roy Masters - Your thoughts are not your own

·        S.E. Cupp- Trump Caused the ‘Great Emasculation of the Republican Party

·        Vote! Vote! Vote!

·        U.S. State Department pushes 'gender transition' for kids as states consider bans

·        Taxpayer-Funded: Feds pay $100K to train grad students in 'Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

·        Roy Masters - social engineers

·        Sarah's Detransition Story - she changed her mind

·        MSNBC’s Wallace says GOP ‘Destroying Democracy’

·        MSNBC’s Wallace Pitches Obama, Christie’s Democracy Commission

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