Perilous World Radio 10/12/22

We The People!

Alan Masters, David Masters, and Jan Masters host today’s Perilous World as they have a special guest on today that will help remind us of whom the Constitution was made for.


·        Be cautious of your information

·        Tulsi Gabbard Announces She’s Leaving the Democratic Party

·        Biden announces pardons of federal marijuana possession

·        Biden begs Hunter to get help with a drug problem

·        Harris- ‘Vote Accordingly’ on Decriminalizing Marijuana

·        Ron DeSantis wife speaks a touching ad for her husband

·        Leftist Tells Pro-Lifer What She Thinks of Him

·        Battlefront Segment – The Grateful Sergeant!

·        Three reasons for gratitude

·        The Constitution with Steve Gribble

·        Taking our government back

·        Article 5: Convention of States

Jan reminds us that this is God’s America, and he is rallying his troops. Have hope!


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