Perilous World Radio 10/10/22

Spiritual Winterizing

Alan Masters, David Masters, and Jan Masters are back to start a new week of Perilous World Radio.  Preparing yourself for what could be coming our way is the “hot” topic today.

·         Latinos undergo 65 pt swing to Republicans…

·         Prepare yourself!

·         Analysis of 13 months of UK data shows "vaccines" cause more deaths for all age groups The cure is worse than the disease

·         Florida Surgeon General Issues Vaccine Warning

·         Wordless Words

·         Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight Donates $1 Million to Republican Oregon Gov. Candidate Christine Drazan

·         America is rebuilding

·         New cars are finally back in stock — but Americans might not be able to afford them

·         Pope Francis: Christians with a Funeral Face ‘Are Not Christians’

·         Helpmates of this world

·         Ignorance screams, Intelligence moves on

·         Doctors link antidepressants with mass shootings

·         Reconnecting with your spiritual father

As the show ends, the lovely co-host Jan Masters gives us a little nudge in the right direction.  Don’t be distracted by pleasure.  God finds a way to get love to you, you must recognize it.  Go back through your life, and identify all your blessings, that’s your treasure map.


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