Perilous World Radio 10/08/20

Hour 1 - David and Alan react to the VP debate. They discuss how polls show that people expect violence and possibly a civil war after the election. David talks about how Russian President Putin has said that he likes Biden and so has the Chinese government. They talk about signs in people’s front yards that show support for President Trump are being stolen, but not signs supporting Biden. David wants to understand what motivates Biden supporters and explains how they live in an alternate reality. 

Hour 2 - David and Alan discuss the McCloskeys being charged with defending their property from rioters being an intimidation tactic to scare people into not standing up against rioters and to let them do whatever they want. They talk about all of the Hillary Clinton documents that President Trump declassified and who might be going to jail over what’s in them. They talk about how Denver is now sending in social workers to certain situations instead of police officers. Alan says that voting isn’t a valentine, you aren’t expressing your love for a person, a vote is a chess move for the world you want to live in. Alan reminds listeners that you can find the Sunday Conversation, this show, and more on our new app, FHU Vision. Download the app on your smartphone and then register it at


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