Perilous World Radio 10/06/22

Puppet Master

David Masters, Pat Kelly, and Mike Jones are back on this ‘thirsty” Thursday Perilous World Radio show as they quench our need for truth. 

·    ENTER-tainment

·    Losing Religion

·    Roy Masters – You will be shocked- the Gov is the enemy

·    Pride cometh before the bone

·    Age of regrowth

·    Corrupted Influence

·    Lincoln Project Rick Wilson- Society Has to ‘Strap Up’ and Push Back

·    Lincoln Project LIE – Does the 2008 video show voter intimidation

·    Cultural Change that will take decades to correct

·    Lincoln Project LIE – Black Panthers Return to Philadelphia Polling Place

·    Mark Houck pro-life Christian who was raided by the FBI

·    Roy Masters – Lose your identity then want it to love you

·    Roy Masters – The Govt creates the crisis and exploits you

David reminds everyone to visit for the “Be Still and Know” exercise to put a firewall for your mind.


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