Perilous World Radio 10/05/22

As I Walk Through the Valley

Alan Masters, David Masters, and Jan Masters host today’s show as Alan opens with a very heavy subject.  Here’s today’s lineup…

·         Does evil transfer?

·         Show me the way

·         Who holds your future?

·         Your Reckoning

·         Jesus knows our brokenness

·         Field of Growth

·         Let the light shine in

·         Battlefront Segment-Colonel Monaco and Civil Rights Attorney Reece Lloyd


·         FBI Raids - Know Your Rights!

·         Roy Masters – You have become what you hate

·         Ex-Witch Jenny Weaver Warns Witchcraft Expanding - infecting Christians

·         Losing your identity

As the show ends, our lovely co-host Jan Masters drops the “truth” bomb and leaves us with a lot to think about.  “If the devil can’t abort you, then he’s going to assail you with everything in this life to get you to abort yourself, your true identity, and not let it be born.  Your true identity is connected to truth.  You must allow yourself to be born, by not allowing evil to steal your identity.


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