Perilous World Radio 09/28/22


David Masters and Jan Masters carry us over this “hump day” Wednesday’s Perilous Word Radio show, as they discuss topics that are sensitive to many. 

·         Newsom Republicans aren't pro-life - they are just pro-birth

·         Woman’s and womb rights

·         Newsom- DeSantis ‘Insane’ — What He Did to Migrant Kids ‘Sick

·         Anti-God Identity

·         Mob of Juveniles Ransack Store in Philadelphia

·         Obama - Black Men ‘Susceptible’ to Macho Style’ of Trump

·         Obama - Black Men want to be like Trump

·         American left is the only syndicate that hates its own country

·         American left hates its own country

·         Mission Mind Control

·         Implanting thoughts 9 - Mission Mind Control 07-01-1973 ABC

·         Battlefront Segment - Wokenism - The Birds & The Bee's, Dr. Dawn Weston.

·         Roy Masters on The Drudge Report in 1999

Jan reminds us to listen to the spirit of truth and you can do so by visiting for the “Be Still and Know” meditation exercise.  Tune in tomorrow as David, Pat, and Mike “rock the boat” of truth.


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