Perilous World Radio 09/22/22


The “MAGA Warriors” are back as David Masters, Pat Kelly, and Mike Jones “ruffle the feathers of truth’” Here are today’s topics:

·    What would life be without you?

·    Minimize Evil

·    Vanderbilt Hospital does not allow religious descent

·    Anti-human Agenda

·    Wages of Sin is Death

·    Recognition of Sin

·    Roy Masters - An underworld dictatorship

·    Goodness is a choice

·    Roy Masters - An answer is available

·    Ultra MAGA

·    Roy Masters - They only want to rule us

·    Roy Masters - The fascism of the left

·    Application of Principles

·    We lost the right to speak up

Be the change you want to see in the world! You must rise, says Pat. Obligation as an individual is to rise and do what is correct and to bring as many to our lifeboat as you can. David reminds everyone to visit and subscribe. Join the Perilous crew tomorrow as they wrap up the week with more truth and nothing but!


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