Perilous World Radio 09/21/22

Compass of Life

The dynamic duo Alan Masters and his lovely wife Jan Masters navigate today’s show with the compass of life.

·    Hard times create strong men

·    Weak men create hard times

·    YouTube robbed our content

·    The Public Square

·    Practicing Obedience

·    Connected to the spirit

·    Love amongst the fallen

·    The Battle of Truth Begins

·    Battlefront Segment with Colonel Monaco and special guest Chaplain Phillip Pringle

·    With God everything is possible

·    Spiritual Exercise

·    Conduit of God

·    Law of Mercy

·    Why am I here?

·    Own it!

We must learn from our lives; we cannot forget and erase our history. If we forget, we are destined to repeat. Thank you for your support, we at the Foundation of Human Understanding appreciate all of you. Join us tomorrow as David Masters, Pat Kelly, and Mike Jones “rock the boat” on Thursday’s edition of the Perilous World Radio show.


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