Perilous World Radio 09/20/22

Lambs Blood

David Masters and Pat Kelly host today’s Perilous World Radio show as they take a “jab” at

the truth!

·    California the new “Jack the Ripper”

·    NPR- Texas sheriff opens probe into DeSantis’s migrant flight

·    Essence of Christianity

·    President Biden declares The Pandemic Is Over

·    Fentanyl deaths on the rise

·    Attorney Preston Moore – $400 to make a FAKE anti-Trump video”

·    Trump Ohio speech – Left trying to destroy me

·    Counsellors, and psychologists ask govt to decriminalize death by suicide

·    Death by Government – Michelle Bachmann

·    What is a heretic?

·    NY hospital ad for curing Myocarditis in kids

·    Dr. Robert Cole issues warning on mRNA spike protein

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