Perilous World Radio 09/19/22

Patriots Rising

Alan Masters, David Masters, and Jan Masters start the week off on the Perilous World Radio show with how the truth scares people.

·         FHU YouTube channel terminated

·         Fentanyl, why are children taking these drugs?

·         Fill the VOIDS in your life

·         Attorney Preston Moore - $400 to make a FAKE anti-Trump video”

·         Poll: Majority Say Number of ‘Dangerous MAGA Republicans’ Is ‘Grossly Exaggerated’

·         10 stages of genocide

·         Truth is Power

·         Biden Admin Frees Afghan ‘Heroin Warlord’ in Taliban Prisoner Swap

Alan asks that people pay close attention to the PWR show, not in anger and not in violence, but in great wisdom.  Let’s use this platform to communicate what is going on in this world.  Patriots Rising!


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