Perilous World Radio 09/16/22

David Masters, Jan Masters, and Mike Jones host today’s Perilous World show.  They discuss the wages of sin and ask questions that most won’t!

Wages of Sin

·         Invasion of immigrants

·         Decline of American society

·         To corruption Truth is the enemy-Roy Masters

·         What is the source of truth?

·         You are the bright one - and the fall guy-Roy Masters

·         Embrace the truth!

·         Weaponized IRS agents

·         Like the Borg what one thinks all think-Roy Masters

·         Compromised by an impulse to conform and embrace-Roy Masters

·         Source of Life

·         All violations awaken the senses and appetites-Roy Masters

·         Identity of sin

·         Love God above all

·         Authenticity and Meditation

·         Beyond the mechanics

“Ride the wave of Love, recognize the energy that comes into your life and choose what is right”, says Jan.  David reminds us that the “Be Still and Know” meditation exercise along with Roy Masters archived treasures can be found by visiting and subscribing to


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