Perilous World Radio 09/13/22

David Masters and Pat Kelly take on this turbulent Tuesday Perilous world show as they discuss the demoralization of our nation.

·    Your feelings are your responsibility

·    The Devil is real

·    Don’t give up hope

·    Calm deliberation and Faith

·    Get to the poles!

·    Audio clip of a Former KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov, DEMORALIZATION

·    Deprogram your children, the Education system fails

·    The dollar’s true value                  

·    Repeat after me, Zombification

·    Fire Starters, Spark People to Consciousness

·    Freedom is engrained in all of us

·    Knowing is half the battle

“Strength is in subscribing to true virtue, and true righteousness, for victory, is ultimately assured.” Words of wisdom from Pat Kelly. David reminds everyone to put their armor on in their mind by using the “Be Still and Know” meditation exercise which can be found at


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