Perilous World Radio 09/12/22

Alan Masters, David Masters, and Jan Master welcome us back on today’s Perilous World show as they say farewell to the grandmother of England.

·         Queen Elizabeth II leaves a legacy of responsibility and dignity

·         Make the best of what you have!

·         Responsibility on us all to protect the Kingdom of Heaven

·         Love or Resentment, a life of service

·         Understanding what love is

·         Patriot Outreach is holding a charity event and would like your help, visit

·         Stillness is the path to Grace

·         Fabric of Gods matrix,

·         Some forces want to convert you, clip from Roy Masters

·         Ideological Subversion or Active Measures clip of Former KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov,

·         Psychological Warfare

·         Don’t fall prey to temptation

·         United under God

·         Demoralization, forces are keeping you from seeing the truth

·         Change the perception of reality

·         Communism and Satanism being taught in school

·         Christian behavior is much better than Barbarian, a clip from Roy Masters

·         Educate the truth, morning, day, and night.

·         Teach your children about our Heavenly father, so they seek answers from him and not the world


“Get quiet and let the spirit of truth discern you”, says Jan as she reminds us to visit and let the “Be Still and Know” meditation exercise help you find the truth


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