Perilous World Radio 09/09/22

MAGA: Make America Great Again

David Masters, Jan Masters, and Mike Jones host today’s Perilous World show.  Rationality vs. Irrationality is the building block of today’s topics. Comments by Mattias Desmet, Psychologist, are highlighted. 

·         “MAGA” Fascists

·         I thank Jesus - Mark Robinson Goes Scorched Earth

·         America is still the greatest nation on earth!

·         Politicians today serve themselves.  It’s all about the money!

·         You can't wake up masses it's futile

·         Mass Formation and Mass Hypnosis

·         Most Americans See Trump's MAGA as a Threat to Democracy

·         You can’t wake up masses – The Totalitarian State

·         The dissenting group will grow in power – Mattias Desmet

·         No matter what stay non-violent – Mattias Desmet

·         Biden’s speech was to get a reaction says Mattias Desmet

·         Voices of Light

·         The Power of Reason

·         Irrationality will become a monster and destroy life

·         Accepting limitations takes away the anxiety of death


Jan reminds everyone to birth the light within you and to allow the truth to come through you.  With the “Be Still and Know” meditation exercise, you can do just that.  It is available to you by visiting where you can subscribe and have access to Roy Masters archived treasures.


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