Perilous World Radio 09/08/22

David Masters, Pat Kelly, and Mike Jones host today’s Perilous World show as the trio shakes things up.  Here are today’s “hot” topics:

·         The Power Grid Purge Announcement

·         “Safety Act” coming to your neighborhood soon

·         What is my duty?

·         Memphis TN - Reporter cries on air… It’s been tough

·         NYs Kathy Hochul tells republicans…  leave town

·         Elimination of gas-powered cars to be adapted by other states

·         Elon Musk admits the truth about EVs

·         Kathy Griffin Warns ‘Civil War’ If Voters Elect Republicans in November Midterms

·         Respecting the American system

·         The Nazi Rally in Madison Square Garden

·         MSNBC’s Reid - Republicans Upset Their Fascism ‘Was Named’ by Biden

·         NSA Sullivan Concerned about Legislation Boosting Support for Taiwan

·         Dr Nili Kaplan-Myrth, Normal’ Is ‘Far-Right Language

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