Perilous World Radio 09/07/22

Divine Dynamics

·         Letter to the editor, “Is it all in my head?”

·         Finding Courage and Faith

·         God’s gift of purpose

·         Virtual life is a temporary escape

·         Indulgence of Hate

·         Clip of Roy Masters, “Rise of the Anti-Humans”

·         What is Christianity?

·         Forgiveness is Freedom

·         Power of the Darkside

·         Battlefront Segment:  The Future of the GOP and the Pro-Life Movement

·         “A Nation of Killers”, a clip from Roy Masters, “Rise of the Anti-Humans”

·         Kathy Griffin Warns ‘Civil War’ If Voters Elect Republicans in November Midterms

·         Don’t fall into temptation

·         What is “Fascism?”

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