Perilous World Radio 09/04/20

Hour 1 - David and Alan discuss the Portland antifa protester shot by Marshalls for killing Patriot Prayer who had been estranged from family for years after stealing dementia-riddled mother's medication. They are joined once again by Mike Jones and discuss how Biden is backpedaling on comments he made about forcing people to wear masks if he becomes the President. They talk about the "Red Mirage", which means that it will appear that President Trump won, but once all of the mail in votes get counted it will turn out that Biden won. They talk about how teens are being conditioned to fear and hate police officers. 

Hour 2 - Alan, David and Mike talk about how an owner of an NBA team refused to put BLM on her team's uniforms and wanted to put an American flag on the uniforms instead, but she was told she couldn’t. They talk about how Nancy Pelosi getting a haircut, without a mask, has been turned into a huge event by the media. Nancy Pelosi is saying that the whole thing was a setup. Alan reminds listeners that you can find the Sunday Conversation, this show, and more on our new app, FHU Vision. Download the app on your smartphone and then register it at


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