Perilous World Radio 09/01/22

David Masters, Mike Jones, and Pat Kelly host today’s show as they take on topics most are afraid to talk about. As a reminder, the full show is available for viewing on Rumble. Here are today’s topics:

·    Dems Say NO To God & Jerusalem Language

·    WH Press Secretary on MAGA Republican’s Threat to democracy

·    Pat warns us of things to get worse by the time elections get here. President is provoking violence through totalitarian techniques. 

·    Unity speech to be given by the president is anything but unity.

·    Formation Psychosis, as the elections are at our doorsteps

·    We must band together and protect each other

·    Clip from Roy Masters “Rise of the Anti-Humans”

·    Ronald Reagan - Liberals want total control

·    Fascism at its finest!

·    Jordan Peterson - Turning police into killers for the Nazi regime

·    Chilling news that comes out of Democracy as “Mass Formation Psychosis” is forming

·    Key to survival is outlasting evil

·    Wear your armor of faith

·    Mass formation Psychosis -Loss of individuality

·    More than 40% of Americans think civil war is likely to occur in the next decade

Country lawyer Pat Kelly says to be free and be proud, it is your right! David reminds us that the “Be Still and Know” mediation exercise is available at


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